1. "Let's Talk About The Truth..." by Gary Larrabee

2. "The Generation Raised on Dragnet Tries to Fool The Generation Raised on X-Files" by anonymous anarchist.

3. "Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers" by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel.

4. "The End Justifies The Means - Prior Knowledge and Government Involvement in 9-11" by Paul Joseph Watson

5. "The 9-11 Wolfowitz Conspiracy. A Frame-Up Cover-Up for the Oil, Investment-Bank-Laundered Opium Revenues, and for War on Islamic Populism - The Certain Motive" by Dick Eastman

6. "Washington's War Crimes" by John Pilger

7. Thoughts from Some Highly Awake and Observant Americans

a. "America Is Being Bootjacked By Our Own Government" by SEDVERBOSE

b. "Inspirations from the Top: Observations on the President Addressing the Nation" by John Chuckman

c. "The War on Terror is the War on Grammar" by Terry Jones

d. "Coming to A Mall Near You - Just War" by David Portoti

e. "America's New War is Bullshit!" by Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti- Imperialist

8. Patriotism

Thoughts After 9-11

Hardly the Patriotism of the Founding Fathers
Real Patriotism, vs. Superficial Patriotism
Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor, vs. Cheap and Overdone Symbolism

a. "Dear Post-911 Flag-Waving Americans" by D. Grant Haynes

b. "The New [Pseudo] Patriotism" by Steven Yates

Thoughts After the Passage of the "Patriot" Act

c. "I Am A Patriot" by Frederick H. Winterberg III

Thoughts After Passage of Involuntary Conscription within the United States - Bill HR 3598

d. "A Nation Cannot Call Itself Free If Its People Are Not Free" by Steven James Blake

9. The Wild Card of Compassion: Healing Voices Speak Out and Reach Out

"The New World is coming, as if ordained from on high! It cannot be stopped or thwarted due to subliminal factors including good-will, free-thinking, original action, secret meditations, and many other factors too pervasive to combat, conquer or pervert"

-- From an article entitled, "The UNDER-POPULATION Problem" by CroMagnon on the Independent Newswire, January 10, 2002. Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=117028&group=webcast. Web Address given: www.Znet.org

a. "Hampshire College Condemns War in All-Community Vote Believed to be the First School in the Nation to Do So." Post From Common Dreams News Center

b. "Family of September 11th Victim Speak Out for Peace At Conference" by John Bailie

c. "U.S. Jittery at Symbolic Meetings of Grieving Families" by Kim Sengupta

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