N O   D E B T  –  S L A V E   S Y S T E M

Soul Force - "satyagraha" - an active state of holding onto the truth - Gandhi

“Responsible personal sovereignty is to be the principal endeavor, as opposed to the creation of a powerful, centralized government for the benefit of the few” – George Humphrey.

You Now Have a Choice, Now Choose

Get It Now and Be A Mind Force for Change

“Wonderful and truly revolutionary” – Diane Tessman, U.S.A.

“Common Sense and Spirituality in Action” – Diana Rose Yoka , Australia

“A radical logical plan to move from the structure of fear to the feminine structures of wisdom” – Rob S. Leonard , Washington D.C.

"Geniusly authored with a brilliant solution for all mankind" - P.B.M., Ph.D., Los Angeles, California

Wow! TThat's the only word I could think of to describe your book. Maybe amazing" - BlueFeather, Cherokee nation

"A monumental work that has birthed a Planet" - Dorothea Randazzo, Perth, Australia

Step Into A Larger Vision that Links All Struggles at the Human Level ....

The book has intentionally penetrating, but previously impenetrable language to cut through The Matrix. It takes all the lessons and wisdom of history, and brings them into a holistic visionary and futuristic working framework and plan that takes the Planet forward collectively to a new awareness level. It is the viable alternative to a world that stands on the crossroads of evolution or despair. It is indeed a visionary book for critical times.

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There is Another Choice Besides the Usual Politics and Religion. Did Anyone Ever Think What Human Beings Need and Want?


pages: 384. Cost: Australian $28.00. Approximately $18.00 U.S.

“You need not be a Marxist to acknowledge what Marx proved: ordinary people can understand all this [truth from falsehood]. Don't underestimate their intelligence. Give them a sophisticated, compelling analysis of the system that governs their lives, and they will take the time to study and understand it. They will begin to doubt the goodness of the system and the people who rule it. Give them an alternative that works better for them, explain it clearly, and eventually they will understand and embrace it. If we don't go beyond symptoms and postmodern soundbites - if we don't trust the intelligence of the people - we will never get to real democracy."

-- Professor Ira Chernus, University of Colorado

Two companion booklets entitled:

Primer to the Planetization Book
Breaking the Spell of the War Empire
What’s So Hard About Utopia?
Big Boss Super Nationalistic Capitalism Has Us Fooled


The Governance And Solution Of The Planetization Model
Total, Whole, Complete, Harmonious, Incorruptible And (R)evolutionary

Financial Freedom Without Killing, Raping And Plundering
Everyone And Everything On The Planet

accompany the Planetization book .

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