The Second Wave

By John Kaminski


It came as a big - and pleasant - surprise to me. In a chance conversation with a complete stranger at the car wash, I screwed up my courage and dared to say it.

"You know ... our own government was behind 9/11!" I held my breath. My eyebrows scrunched up in anticipation of some mindwashed backlash of preprogrammed patriotic outrage.

The guy turned slowly and looked me squarely in the eye. "I know," he said, his furrowed brow mirroring all the painful pathos that has hogtied all the hearts in America these past three years. I breathed a big sigh of relief. And then I pushed the envelope.

"And you know ... all those people dead in Iraq - thousands of Americans and a hundred thousand Iraqis - all because of lies." The old guy tugged on his frayed plaid cap and wheezed. "I know," he repeated, shuffling his feet, his body involuntarily twitching from the realization of his long-suppressed acknowledgement.

As he left I handed him a copy of my booklet, "The Day America Died," and said, "Here's a basic overview of that terrible day." He took it, nodded stiffly, furtively glanced around to see who might be watching, clambered into into his clean car, and went on his way.

Over the past few weeks, the same thing has happened at the supermarket, in my yard, in the parking lot at the local Wal-mart. I dare to ask the question. And I am shocked to discover - totally contradicting what people hear on television - that people know. People already know!

Our government engineered 9/11 for its own perverse political purposes. In their hearts, many people already know it.

I see it in my e-mails, of course, have for a long time, with 2,000 of my closest friends. They are the ones who are always asking, "Now that we know, what we can do?"

I have failed them miserably in my answers to that question. I always respond rhetorically, philosophically. "Stand securely in your own truth and be an example to others," is about the best I can come up with. "Try to spread the word." Or, "revolution evolves one person at a time." Pretty lame, nonspecific stuff.

But then I noticed my book orders were spiking. Ten booklets here, 20 there, an occasional hundred for a meeting that someone had scheduled. Then it began to dawn on me. People were handing them out, trying to convince others. A whole new group of people was turning on to the real 9/11 story.

Finally, after years of brainwashed obedience to the clumsy media lies, the tragedy-forced patriotism, the false statements of our leaders were finally being perceived. People finally were finally waking up. New converts to the 9/11 skeptics movement were beginning the long, painful journey to that horrific realization - our leaders killed their own people merely for profit, and now were killing thousands more, every day, all over the planet, for the same evil purpose.

And people began calling me, telling me about their meetings. I didn't dare believe it was a second wave. But the calls kept coming.

The first thought I had was that the second wave shouldn't make the same mistakes the first wave did. The first wave failed. The perps, so far, have gotten away with their evil deeds. In fact, one of the so-called leaders of the first wave, Mike Ruppert, has declared the 9/11 issue dead. Good. He's retired. We don't need him. He was the prime saboteur of the first wave, ruining the first big 9/11 forum in San Francisco with his oil company propaganda.

The second wave should know that peak oil has nothing to do with 9/11. It's a disinformational distraction. Peak oil is a trend that may or may not be true. Most honest people think it's just another oil company ruse to jack up prices. But even if it is a serious social problem, it has nothing to do with 9/11, the crime of the century, about which most of the public has been told nothing but lies.

Our leaders lied about what happened. They refused to hold an investigation. They destroyed the evidence. They hid the videotapes. They blamed Muslims but didn't to this day produce a shred of evidence against them. They deceived our own air defenses with bogus drills designed to confuse everyone. They invented fantastic cellphone calls. They met with terrorists and let important witnesses slip out of the country. The list of their deceptive maneuvers is nearly endless.

But there is one thing they couldn't hide, and that is the issue that the second wave, IMHO, should focus on. Don't be distracted by bells and whistles, by airplanes shooting missiles or faux Islamicists in strip clubs, don't get bogged down by what did or didn't hit the Pentagon or trapped in endless arguments about slow flying interceptors, gaps in the NORAD coverage, or whether Flight 93 was shot down.

There is one issue, and one issue only. It is the issue that will hang them.

The time the towers took to fall.

Jetliners striking building hundreds of feet in the air could not possibly have dropped those towers in ten seconds. Think about it. 47 robust steel columns anchored in bedrock hundreds of feet below had to be demolished simultaneously at the instant of collapse in order for 9/11 to happen as it did. And that is exactly what happened.

I continue to sell plenty of my booklets because of its simple narrative that takes people from accepting the government's version to realizing the official version is a lie.

But now, newcomers to the 9/11 mystery have two even better teaching tools to help them convince those who still believe their government loves them, and would never do anything to hurt them. And that it's patently clear that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

The first is an ingenious and thorough narrative sculpted together by WING-TV guru Victor Thorn (and his trusty sidekick Lisa Guliani) titled "9/11 on Trial: The World Trade Center Collapse - Guilty."

It's written in the form of a trial transcript and takes the reader through the strange, anomalous process of the WTC collapse step-by-step, cleverly and authoritatively weaving witness testimony culled from the works of some of the finest investigators in the 9/11 skeptics movement, including Jim Hoffman, Eric Hufschmid, Jerry Russell & Richard Stanley, Christopher Bollyn, Ralph Omholt, Peter Meyer, Jeff King, Dave MacGowan, Jim Marrs, and David Ray Griffin, among other diligent soldiers in the battle to expose the government's lies.

I and many other 9/11 observers have been harping for a long time that each of the Twin Towers collapsed in roughly ten seconds, a physically impossible feat for a structure knocked down by pressure from near the top. The simple resistance of thousands of tons of steel and concrete would make such a collapse a long, slow, and incomplete were it possible at all to happen in the way the government said it did, which it was not.

But the Thorn/Giulani book raises even more interesting points, and even more impossible contradictions.

For instance, just prior to the first collapse, the top of the South Tower tipped to 23 degrees, but then it suddenly stopped its angular momentum, changed direction, and fell straight down, just about the time many people reported explosions at the bottom of the tower. The only way the momentum of the falling top could have been changed in mid-collapse was to blast away a portion of EACH of the 47 core columns, causing the building to fall uniformly into its own footprint.

How the Towers fell is impossible according to the official story because the gravitational potential energy of a skyscraper is nowhere near sufficient to destroy its own frame.

"Given that the lower columns were radically thicker steel, and obviously stronger, some of the columns should have still been standing - in some significant number."
- Witness 8 (Omholt)

"For the WTC buildings to react the way the did, literally thousands of super heavy-duty joints and weld would have to 'snap' at precisely the same instant."
- Witness 8 (George Humphrey)

"In order for the floor to fall, hundreds of joints has to break almost simultaneously on 236 exterior column s and 47 core columns. FEMA does not bother to explain how this could occur."
- Witness 10 (Hufschmid)

If all the joints weren't heated at the same rate, the building would not fall uniformly.

Thorn's patient narrative unveils all manner of revealing information to use in further discussions. One is the maximum temperature unprotected steel supports in these fires if 680 degrees; the first critical threshold in structural steel is 1,022 degrees.

These tests ultimately tell us that ...

"Fire did not weaken the WTC structure sufficiently to cause the collapse of the towers."
- Witness 11 (J. McMichael)

I won't give away too much more of the narrative, but just let me say THIS BOOK is a wonderful syllabus for anyone trying to comprehend the complex ramifications of the 9/11 tower collapses, perhaps the most accessible roundup to date of the single piece of evidence that should leave the American people demanding trials for treason and mass murder for hundreds of its most powerful leaders.

Why were those odd and powerful seismographic spikes recorded moments BEFORE the towers fell? Why were pools of molten steel still bubbling at the bases of the three fallen towers ONE WEEK after 9/11? Is there any doubt that all three buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions? No.

This book, being a deftly weaved digest of the best 9/11 research out there, delivers the goods. It is indispensable to anyone trying to get to the bottom of the greatest crime in American history.

Simply Google WING-TV (I'll write more about that later) for more information and how to get it. It's only seven bucks. Hand them out to your friends.

Why is the second wave occuring? Because people are realizing that 9/11 is the key to regaining our freedom, to taking our country back from the cynical psychopaths running the U.S. government who are implementing diverse and subversive programs of mass murder all over the world.

9/11 is the key. The American government is willing to kill anyone so the bankers get their way. This book demonstrates - very clearly - that our leaders are guilty of treason and mass murder. That's what motivates the second wave. Now that the sadness has waned, and the faux patriotic invective has begun to ring hollow in the wake of dead and sick soldiers being brought home from Iraq, more people are beginning to question the nightmare America has become.

Another crucially important tool for the second wave, among many, is another small, inexpensive book, titled "Waking Up From Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City," by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman. While the Thorn/Guliani book is a relatively simple read for laymen, the Paul/Hoffman book is for those who can digest intricate technical information, and understand the 9/11 hoax in all its gory detail. Used as one of Thorn's sources, it has a much wider focus, revealing photographs, meticulous footnotes and sells for only $10.

Most importantly, it reserves its primary focus for the most critical piece of 9/11 evidence: the time the towers took to fall. And it delves into the evidence in a thorough and forthright way. It contains no wild theories, only scientific fact, which of course proves our own leaders murdered 3,000 of our own citizens, not to mention all those other hundreds of thousands of innocent victims around the world.

One of the many great nuggets of knowledge in this book is how New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani explained to a reporter that he was warned the first tower was going to collapse although even the firefighters in the building didn't know that. Giuliani never mentioned who told him.

Order it at

Now, at many of the meetings that are being held around the country as interest in the 9/11 deception continues, my little booklet "The Day America Died" is being handed out to get people to take the first step. Not to try to diminish my own sales, but I would recommend these other two books be handed out and discussed as well, because they furnish a simple way of getting people on board this spontaneous attempt to try to take our country away from the criminals who are oppressing (and destroying) the world.

So far, I know of informal meetings utilizing my booklet that have been held in the following states: Arizona, California (3 - Burbank, San Diego, Sonora), Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas (2 - San Antonio and Houston), Vermont, Washington, as well as in France and New Zealand. I'm sure there are many others using other materials. If you want to get hooked into this, ask around, or ask me, and I'll clue you in as best I can.

One thing I can tell you to do is listen to what is probably the last remaining bastion of actual free speech in the United States, the crusading radio patriots on shortwave and Internet broadcasts, principally on the Genesis Radio Network (Jeff Rense and Alex Jones) and the Republic Broadcasting System (John Stadtmiller and Jack Blood). Yes, you sometimes have to put with up with religious crazies on these networks, but if you pick your shows carefully, there's a wealth of information to be gained.

And for new people coming into the 9/11 skeptics movement for the first time, I would be remiss were I not to mention two particular individuals who serve as examples of exactly what is needed for this movement to succeed in its goal.

People with clout.

You need to try and understand that most of the people who have carried the load in battling to expose the government's hoax about 9/11 are essentially like me, not affluent, not out to make money, and often living hand to mouth while concentrating on doing something they think is of critical importance to the future of the human species. This group includes most of the people mentioned above, but also thousands of others who are only interested in overcoming the American media mindlock and presenting truth in the cause of justice.

To mention them all would be impossible. But specific to 9/11, I would advise newcomers to check in periodically with the work of Brian Salter and Dave MacGowan for indispensible insights into the latest developments.

But two people WITH clout have not only served as an examples of who we need to succeed in restoring truth and justice to the American way of life, but have provided an invaluable lift to a floundering 9/11 skeptics movement that has been sabotaged by moles, distracted by hare-brained theses, and diminished by goons who are only after personal power.

These two courageous individuals are Jimmy Walter and Karl Schwarz.

Walter is the heir to a construction fortune who has already spent $4 million on print ads trying to bring the 9/11 hoax to the public's attention. He has also taken his lumps on mainstream TV trying to explain what he's doing (many of us have seen the Posner fiasco on CNN, in which he was suppressed, ridiculed and prevented from getting his message across). But he's still in there fighting, looking for new ways to crack the public's cement mind.

To see what he's up to, go to as especially read Webster Tarpley's chronicle "9-11 Synthetic Terrorism" (right below the great tower explosion photos on the left), which is every bit as good as the books by Thorn and Hoffman mentioned above.

Schwarz is the nanotech CEO and Christian Republican who has turned on the strawman Bush with several initiatives to try to get the legal establishment in New York state to act on convincing evidence, including much that has not been produced elsewhere, that would send many of our leaders to prison for a long time.

For a complete look at his interesting perspective on 9/11 (read all six parts for the full effect) and the ingenious actions he has taken, go here

If we had a few more of these establishment types who were less concerned with their own bank accounts and more committed to the welfare of their country and the world we all live in, Bush and Cheney and their gay prostitute newsmen would not be sitting in the White House right now, they'd be in Guantanamo in orange jumpsuits awaiting trial on the capital charges of treason, mass murder and various other crimes against humanity.

We especially need people of means to buy the three books mentioned above in quantity and hand them out to a large number of people. There are millions of Americans who are waiting to get this information, and suffer the painful epiphany that this world they have allowed to be created by their own acquiescence and indifference ultimately plans on exploiting and killing them.

So, second wavers, I think the two books and 27 links in this piece will get you off to a good start. Thank you for your sudden awakening. Your efforts are sorely needed.

Just like that guy at the car wash, tell people you know what the real story about 9/11 actually is. And get them to tell others.

I don't think I have to tell you at this point that this is the battle for our future, the battle for everything, and the entire strength of the U.S. government and all the prostituted, mind-controlling mass media is arrayed against us.

And that being said, we have no choice but to win. For our children. And their children. Hell, do it for yourself, because you and I and everybody else are definitely at risk to lose everything we love. Carry on.

John Kaminski's Internet essays can be seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled "The Perfect Enemy," about how the Zionist-controlled U.S. government created the terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. His booklet "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001" has sold about 5,000 copies and continues to sell well.

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