Einstein said, "We cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." The "long war on terrorism" as it is to bring "peace" is therefore an absurd concept. "Fighting for freedom from fear" is also another absurd concept. You cannot fight the fear outside yourself; you can only fight the fear inside yourself. When you fight or, more pointedly, resist or master the fear inside yourself then there is no more fear or fight--only the light of a better or a higher understanding which gives the peace, joy, safety and well being we all desire.

Unthinking individuals will go with "the enemy," "war" and "terror" rhetoric as it wraps itself up in highly charged emotionalism of patriotism, nationalism and pride. They will be, in Julius Wayland's words, the "poor dupes," "trained animals," "helpless mental slaves" and "poor deluded mechanisms" that are being used to create the way and open the door for various governments:

Government of the Money, by the Money, for the Money

Government of the Weapons, by the Weapons, for the Weapons

Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations, for the

Government of the War Machine, by the War Machine, for the War

Government of the Fearful, by the Fearful, for the Fearful

Government of the Paranoia, by the Paranoia, for the Paranoia

Government of the Oil, by the Oil, for the Oil

We, who have been awakened, and care about us all and the future of the Planet as an integrated whole (humans-animals-environment), do not, and never will, accept the path of eternal war and conflict with our fellow human beings. Nor will we be enslaved by a money system that is robbing us of our souls. We believe in the humanity of all human beings, and by this alone, we are able to choose a new pathway of joy and ever-expanding peace and possibilities that takes in the whole world. We know we don't have to unify for "the war on terror" to be on the side of right. We know at the very heart of ourselves there is another way at the crossroads, and we, in our crucial hour of our future as a human race, want a democratic awakening with the question, Whose Planet Is It?

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