Planetization speaks directly to the pressing issue that confronts us today – corporate globalization (CG), and offers up a parallel and replacement structure and infrastructure for a more saner world and track for the evolution of the world and humanity as a whole.

CG, on the other hand, is the (sad) world as we know it today with all its compounding problems and on a track of planetary demise whereas Planetization, put simply, is the world we are meant to have and deserve.

At the same time, what emerges – from Planetization – is an extraordinary palpable Union that connects us all to a better and greater destiny: in our individual lives; for all of humankind; and for the Planet as a whole in all its sentience and intelligence that includes Nature in its many realms.

The Union, in effect, completes America’s Revolutionary War of Independence from all tyranny, its Civil War in the greatness of Abraham Lincoln, the liberation of the workers in all the social classes of the world, and the upliftment of the impoverished masses and all of humanity (including those who have power and are limited, or those who had not our best interests at heart) to its fullest potential and greatest happiness. .…

With the birth of The Union Plan, “Peace, Goodwill and Joy” is no longer contained in the symbol of a tree, but in The Force of a New Age of heart and mind – of the interchangeable elements of compassion, reason and clarity – has broken free to all four corners of the Earth. But let us also say in the midst of great confusion, chaos and conflict that that Force is within us all – it is being and becoming; it is unstoppable and it desires us, just as much as we desire it. And now, in the order of space and time, we are ripe for the Age:

“It is not the day of the black man. It is not the day of the white man. It is the day of man as man.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.