Balancing the Ideologies for the
Human Race's Door to Happiness

Socialism +
Throwing off the bonds and enslavement of capitalism

Capitalism +
Allowing for the creative drive of people to obtain self-sufficiency

Religion and Philosophy +
Knowing that the essence of freedom exists in morality (there is no freedom without RESPONSIBILITY - personal and social)

Spirituality +
Transcending conflict and duality by evolving our creative being to new, progressive, enlightening and fulfilling heights through the physical dimension

Humanism +
Believing the only authority of a human being is his/her own conscience

Dharma +
An experiential truth that tells us that our true essence and purpose as human beings is to help not harm -- from the natural realm to the human realm

Spiritual Aspect +
Engaging the Wholeness/Oneness/Higher Self within (our higher nature of Love not lower nature of fear)