The Planetization Alliance
Gathering People and Organizations from all Over the World
 to Make Critical Mass around a New Idea

"The world's 450 billionaires alone have combined financial assets greater than the combined annual incomes of half of humanity" David C. Korten, Money Vs Wealth

Say No To War for Ever More

War is a big issue of our world. It takes our lives and livelihoods, drains us of all our humanity and our prosperity, while at the same time, robbing us of our future. Each year, a trillion dollars is spent on weapons by the nations of the world. Today, in Iraq, a billion dollars is spent each week to make war on a nation that never harmed anyone. Imagine if that money (our taxes) went instead into the betterment and upliftment of humanity? We, as the more “intelligent” species would no longer create weapons to destroy ourselves with, but now build a system that is more in line with our evolution. Planetization is that system. It has analysed the problem of the past, learnt from it, and taken up the forward momentum of humanity through a blue print and plan that does not carry the old patterns of the past. In it, and through it, we have created peace with justice, for justice has been the missing ingredient for a peaceful world. It is not possible to have peace WITHOUT justice. Think about it. A just world is a peaceful world.

OUR MISSION AS THE PLANETIZATION ALLIANCE IS THE SPIRIT OF JUSTICE. Join with the spirit of Justice in Planetization and YOU have created a just world. The Planetization Alliance is:

“Coming Together Through our Individual Passions for Humanity and the Planet and Empowering Ourselves with an Over-arching Global Vision/System that, in one fell swoop, seamlessly fulfils our Dreams and Hopes for a Better World – Without the Present System's Death, Destruction and War.”

Why We Must Move to a New System – We are in a “System Crisis of the First Rank”
( Tomorrow's God , Neale Donald Walsch, p. 108)

Did you know that: “A world whose aggregate economy is now valued at US $20 trillion – five times more than in the 1950s - must have more than enough to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, lengthen the life and provide greater freedom of movement to every man and woman on this planet. But such wealth is not shared equitably among and within nations and societies and is in fact concentrated in the hands of the powerful few. It is not going to be shared equitably for as long as there is no fundamental change in ideology and institutions in which the current order rests”

—Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement

Did you know that, besides the severe depletion and pollution of our seas, the destruction of coral reefs, the immense deforestation of land and the contamination of air and water and the mass extinction of species, what will get us all, no matter where we are or live, is global warming which will upend all living systems—marine and terrestrial from which humans will not be exempt. Even our powers for survival will have little or no affect on a Planet that no longer works. A report out by the Institute for Public Policy Research states that the point of no return for climate change will be reached in 10 years.

“Rising to the Challenge of Saving Our Planet” by Joshua Reichert, the Seattle Times

“Now the Pentagon Tells Bush:  Climate Change Will Destroy Us:  Secret Report Warns of Rioting and Nuclear War;  Threat to the World is Greater than Terrorism” by Mark Townsend and Paul Harris in New York

Did you know that, in the latest UNICEF report, we find that more than 1 billion children are not getting a healthy, safe childhood due to poverty, war and aids, and 640 million children do not have adequate shelter, and 400 million children do not have access to safe drinking water. In the world today, 800 million people do not have enough to eat and 60 percent of the Earth's population, that is, 3.6 billion people, fall below the poverty level of less than $3 a day. Essentially, what we have found is that we are in a system that puts profit before people, and in that system grinding poverty and the absence of opportunity are the way of life for the majority of humans beings today.

In our conclusion, we find that governments are not set up to look after humanity and the Planet, but are there for the furtherance of greed and self interest, which has collectively harnessed itself into the juggernaut of “corporate globalization.”

See the information in “The Corporation” DVD

In corporate globalization, the global system (through the grouped identity of the nation-state) has organized itself on the money motive, and humans are enslaved to serve it, where they are constantly in their survival mode, and living from paycheck to paycheck, as it reaches throughout the globe. The effect and fact is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the Planet in all its purpose is being destroyed.

What is missing from the world is justice and balance, which leaves corporate globalization to spiral out of control through a militarized globe, as it includes the weaponization of space.

“America's Agenda for Global Military Domination” by Michel Chossudovsky

“Space Weapons for Earth” by Leonard David

Underlying all this is the financial system, which is controlling the direction of the world through constant war and weaponry, and “creating” enemies where there are essentially none. It is being supported by a fraudulent concept, where the money printed in nations is “loaned” back to the people with an artificially created interest, which takes the creation of a “tax department” to pay it back through “income” taxes.

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” (The Secretive Creation of the Federal Reserve System) by G. Edward Griffin

“The Federal Reserve” – Thomas D. Schauf, CPA

“How the Banks Control our Government” – by Steve Madigan

In this financial racket, that has been instituted by governments, at the behest of “the few,” humanity is constantly kept in its “survival mode,” unable to progress or advance as a collective, because it is being held in a cyclic motion of taxes-war-weapons-damage-repair-taxes-war-weapons-damage-repair.

“War is Just a Racket” by US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler


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The system we find is upside down. It has lost its humanity. It is dark and evil. In this system, we find, 2% hold the entire wealth of the world and have purposely designed a system unfit for humans.

“I am certain of only one thing, that business as we know it is destroying the Earth including all cultures and living systems, and never before has there been a system so ubiquitous, so destructive, and so well managed. It is our creation.”

– Paul Hawken, “Yes” magazine, in an article entitled “Corporate Futures.”

A New Global Vision for the Planet

If the System was “right side up” we would have “Planetization.”

Planetization is what it is. A system, not of a world, but of a Planet, a living, breathing, conscious Planet. Planetization is the translation of what a living Planet would look like, through a system that is uplifting and beneficial to all beings.

Planetization, in its translation, is the joining of the ancient and eternal knowledge to the present, where humans, animals and the environment exist as ONE, and as an integrated WHOLE where none is harming the other, but adding to the consciousness and evolution of the Whole. In a living Planet, we are all connected to each other, where there are no barriers, but simply bridges within the Whole and the Oneness of life. The effect and fact of Planetization is complete harmony on the Earth where there is peace with humans, peace with the environment and peace with the animals.

The Missing Ingredient – Going from Meditation, Prayer, Protest – A C T I O N

In its structure, on its first basic level, Planetization addresses the NEEDS of humanity, which include clean water, food, clothing, shelter and education (p. 27 – 28 of the Planetization book). The first level we can say is our CHARITABLE level, i.e. the charity of humanity in action, to help, not to harm.

The second level is the ENVIRONMENT that will allow that to happen, WITHOUT the constant threat of war, weapons, environmental and planetary destruction, unjust systems and human impoverishment. We essentially cannot live in a house (or Planet) that has holes in the roof and is about to collapse. The second level then, PROTECTS and ENSURES the first level.

The second level is the FRAMEWORK of the Seven Universal Mandates and the Three Objectives ((pp 32 – 36 and pp 60 – 61 of the Planetization book) that will allow us to be a HUMAN FAMILY, and at the same time, to free up the money to liberate humanity and turn the system right side up. There is enough money in the world to fix all the word's problems and to be free from income taxes because we are no longer paying interest to a fraudulent money system.


The United Nations calculates that the whole of the world's population's basic needs for food, drinking water, education, and medical care could be covered by a levy of less than 4 percent on the accumulated wealth of the 225 largest fortunes. To satisfy all the world's sanitation and food requirements would cost only $13 billion, hardly as much as the people of the U.S. and the European Union spend each year on perfume.


The total wealth of the world's three richest individuals is greater than the combined gross domestic product of the 48 poorest countries.


Each day a trillion dollars in speculative capital circles the globe. Only one percent of that would fix all the world's problems.


Money spent on arms by the nations of the world in a single year is a trillion dollars.

With the right framework in place simply through our CONSENT to Planetization, allows us to change course and head in the RIGHT direction of true freedom—financially, physically, mentally and spiritually—where we start to FEEL progress and growth on the Planet.

The Planetization framework (as in the Planetization book) is completely transparent and rests on the right foundation of help not harm . The second level of Planetization not only PROTECTS the way of the first level, but EXPANDS AND JUSTIFIES existence to a new way of being human, i.e. a universal human where we are ALL free to fulfil our dreams our hopes without the constant threat of war and weaponry and planetary annihilation.

“All people are essentially one. The world is interconnected not only on the material level of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but interconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart, through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse and yearning to be and to breathe free” – Dennis Kucinich, American Presidential Contender, 2004.

The third level of Planetization is the institutional level. There is something to the biblical adage that says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The institutional level thus allows us to solidify/concretize the first and second levels of Planetization, and more, as we expand our world CREATIVELY on the Planet, as the only true WAY of democracy. The institutional level will be the implementation level of the holistic policies on the Planet and more, as we capture every one's creative input from anywhere on the Planet and bring it forth into our new, vibrantly dynamic world. The structure that will allow us to do this is the Foundation for the New World Vision, that we, through our ALLIANCE in our common vision of Planetization, can now BUILD.

The Planetization Diagnostic Tool

We all know something is wrong with the system, it is not fulfilling us as human beings. There is enough money in the world to fix all the world's problems and free us from our survival mode, and so to do what we all LOVE. We must now, as an intelligent species, say that the present system is not serving humanity, and now come to an alternative. The purpose of this page is for you now to come see about it and do something now together as a Humanity.

Planetization is an Over-Arching Planetary System That Nurtures All Not Annihilates  

As a collective, we are able to make an evolutionary leap from the concept of the “nation-state” to the Human Family – through the harnessing of our passions for a New World Peace and Vision


1. We are in a “System Crisis of the First Rank”:

Where world hunger, poverty, social and economic injustice, environmental destruction, disease, needless wars and deadlier weapons are getting worse for the future welfare of the Planet, not better.

2. That we are naturally geared to evolve as a collective on the Planet as the Human Family through the Two Laws of Evolution that entail our unification and expansion of consciousness.

Those two laws are:

The Law of Complexity Consciousness and the Law of Recurrence, culminating in:

"Point Omega", the climactic point of our collective evolution from family, tribes, nations to the Human Family.

3. In order to take up the evolutionary path, all we need to do is to let go of the artificially created idea of the nation-state and their world institutions because they contain:

The built-in aspect of “us vs them,” fear and greed, which continually needs weapons and wars. The result we have today is Perpetual War-fare which equates to the extinction of the planet and humanity. But we can choose to, like a vote:

4. Create a new nation without borders, i.e. the borderless Human Nation. If you think what is being done on the Planet through time, energy and money is enough, think again:

With the presence of the tens of thousands of altruistic and charitable organizations all over the globe, for every aspect of humanity and the Planet from the environment to child soldiers, there is still no change in our world and on our Planet. Facts are saying, things are getting worse, not better. Therefore, a new model and foundation is needed (based on our spirit, i.e. spiritual nature). We must now come together (engage our spirit) one last time as a collective and now:

Harness our individual passions into a collective concept and real construct of Planetization.

5 . In its invitation, Planetization is a clear cut alternative to the present reality and world. It is a New Peace Concept for a Third Millennium Humanity. With it, we can have:

No more threat or presence of catastrophes and human disasters to destroy our dreams and hopes because it is a new over-arching planetary system that creates the environment to fulfil our dreams and human purpose in perpetual peace and harmony.  

Planetization is the translation of Love on the Planet, where Love is the interchangeable elements of Beauty, Truth, Wisdom and Justice.

Forming the Planetization Group Consciousness to Enable Critical Mass

Pull away from the idea of "nationality" and come into your humanity and make critical mass in the way of peace and justice for all.

If the negative pathway is the militarization-corporatization-weaponization of the globe, then Planetization is the positive pathway of the unification of the globe. If we know and understand the system we have is inimical (contrary) to our (humanity's) interest, and that all politicians are simply mouthpieces for the same system, or “start out good” but then are assimilated into the same system, then we must let go of the old and MOVE to the alternative, that will make the old one and way of doing things obsolete.

Remember, Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You can't buy into the same system, and expect anything different for the world, because it has not been designed for the upliftment and betterment of humanity.

Ask the question. Did anyone ever think that if we can organize for war, we can, just easily organize for peace? Einstein said that “We cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” As politics divides, Planetization unites. It deals with the political realm by transcending ALL politics. It gets us to move from our nationality into our humanity. At that point, who needs weapons or war? Planetization breaks the illusional barriers that create the “us vs. them” mentality, and brings crashing down in all its lies, the false construct of that world.

At the same time, Planetization is about justice and balance. It does not say get rid of capitalism, for we are still in the real world, making a living. It is simply saying, bring it back into BALANCE, behind not before the needs of people and the Planet for it has now become the dominating and destructive force of the world. Planetization brings capitalism back into balance by putting the needs of people and all life on the Planet BEFORE profits, which then gives us the humane and ethical way to live on a living, breathing, conscious Planet.

The Planetization Alliance – Take Protest to the New Level for Change – The Sixties' Way can no Longer Serve us as a Tool for Change – Become Pro-Active and Unite in a Single Global Passion and Vision Instead

Planetization acts as our cohering force and CONSENT to counter the system of “corporate globalization,” and to create the vehicle for critical mass where the Planet can birth anew in a justified vision for humanity where Humanity and its values are turned right side up (i.e. from 666 to 999).

Planetization says, don't fight the system, just get better. The old way cannot, will not cut it. It won't change anything, because it's not designed for peace and justice. If you can't wake up to the facts (right now), then wake up to a new vision.

“Peace Groups Continue to Miss the Real Issue” by John Kaminski

Planetization is the door that allows us to seamlessly step into a new global vision as a collective, beyond our borders as global citizens, in the ONE WORLD of the Human Nation.

If you feel yourself a global citizen, and care about the Planet and humanity, then make a FORCE, a SOUL FORCE, with your own passion and unite with the spirit of justice in Planetization.

In Planetization, we say, ARM yourself with the new vision, for alone, a human being can barely survive in nature's great life drama, but in the unification of our passions, we have made a pathway where human togetherness and cooperation is now possible in a better world for everyone.

“The only way to bring peace to the world is to let the people of the world decide for themselves what they want to spend their efforts on. I feel that in this day and age governments start wars, and not people, and since the governments want the wars then why don't we let the government fight the war? All of the politicians that want to fight a war are free to trade places with me at any time. I will gladly go and learn war no more.”

—Sgt Kevin Benderman, Served in the War against Iraq, now Conscientious Objector

To what?  Click the below for a power point presentation entitled:

"War No More"

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PLANETIZATION – An Invitation and a New Global Vision to Make War No More


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